The good, the bad and the average of Apple's most revolutionary and disappointing week

The last week of February, which coincides with the first week of March, will go down in history for being the week in which Tim Cook has canceled all the products that Apple had in mind for years and has decided that the time has come to leave of investing millions of dollars in products that did not quite start and represented a loss of resources compared to other equipment, such as Silicon, iPad or Vision Pro.

As is tradition, the La Manzana Mordida editorial team likes to compile a news compilation for all Apple fans so they can quickly read the most important news of the week. Without further delay, we analyze below Apple's most dramatic week in the Tim Cook era.

The end of project Titan

Apple has allocated more than 10 billion dollars in the manufacture of a car that in the end turned out to be neither autonomous, nor classic, nor electric or anything. It has been a complete failure for one simple reason: to develop a car with a technology that does not exist nor does Apple have.

The Titan project has had a large number of changes in management and work teams since 2008 to 2024which has caused the development to undergo modifications in many moments and aspects, which has finally ended in its downfall.

The latest news indicates that even the managers of this work area were aware that the project was non-viable from the first moment, and many engineers come from Tesla.

The micro-LED screen on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 9 wrist

The second best-selling product in Apple's history has suffered in its development one of the most notorious cancellations in recent years and which has become a “jug of cold water” in the company and in the users, because this year the Apple smartwatch turns 10 years old.

Specifically, it is that the Apple Watch will not include the Micro-led technology in your panel, maintaining the same panel that we have in the ninth generation. The reason why this happens is that Apple's suppliers are not able to provide the necessary number of panels that the company needs to satisfy the demand, so it has decided to cancel development until the industry is able to meet the demand. .

Goodbye Apple ID, hello Apple Account

Apple ID Cover

As indicated by Mac Rumors and reported by La Manzana Mordida, Apple is already testing a new name on its Apple ID called AppleAccount.

The developers have been able to have access to this data thanks to it being provided to them by “sources related to Apple”, although we have no more information about who it could have been.

It is not known if the name change is determined by a new era that is beginning in terms of artificial intelligence or simply because it is an identification code that has been with us for many years and Apple wants to update its nomenclature a little.

Good thing of the week: Apple CarPlay

new carplay interface

The fall of the Apple vehicle is a turning point for Apple's driving assistant. All the technology that Apple has developed and the registered patents are not going to remain on empty paper, but will be implemented in Apple's own software and in collaborations carried out with different firms. automobiles.

These are the most important news that has happened at Apple in the last week of February and first week of March. ¿What do you think of such cancellations? Leave it in the comments.