The great novelty that Apple is preparing and that will affect the iPhone

Apple is a company that is constantly evolving, and proof of this is the frantic pace that it leads to the level of releases of both hardware and software. Well, one of the next big moves that the Cupertino company will carry out will have a great impact on its flagship device, the iPhone. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Apple is a company that Every step he takes is very well thought out and very well calculated., and it seems that the next one is quite close, or at least that’s what Mark Gurman has reported through his weekly newsletter, and the truth is that being one of the most reputable Apple analysts, his words must be taken very seriously. In addition, this rumor that runs around not only the iPhone, but also the rest of Apple products, is not the first time that it has come to light, so as we always say, when the river sounds, water carries.

Apple will make its own screens

The big change that Apple is preparing for the year 2024 is the manufacture of its own screensand it seems that the Cupertino company has been working on these screens for more than six years, which will have the microLED technologybeing the first screen that will be designed completely to measure for each of the devices, with all the advantages that this entails.

Apple’s goal with these own microLED screens is to initially bring them to one of the star products of 2022, Apple Watch Ultra, and it is that according to Gurman, the renewal that this equipment will undergo in 2024 will also lead to the debut of Apple’s own screens. But beware, Apple does not want to stop there, since the Apple Watch Ultra will be the first piece of the puzzle, since after this team, those from Cupertino intend to their screens reach the rest of the products, including of course the iPhoneits flagship.

apple watch ultra box

Surely, after hearing this news, many users may wonder what the benefits will be for Apple and its products if they change the current screens for those that the Cupertino company itself manufactures. Well, first of all, the fact that Apple has the ability to create the screens that your teams will carryprovides you with a tremendous control over their development, being able to give free rein to the imagination and adapt each of these to a series of specific needs and functions. Initially these screens will offer a sparkle, color reproduction Y viewing angles improved with respect to the current ones, which of course is already a great step and a great evolution.

Of course, this transition is not going to be fast, especially for a specific product, Macs. The development of the panels for these products is much more complex than for the iPhone or Apple Watch, so it seems that users who want to have an Apple computer with screens also developed by Apple will have to take a chair and wait sitting for many years.