Gurman rules out any relevant change in the iPad range for this year 2023 but things will change in 2024 with a completely renewed iPad Pro with OLED screen and a major design change.

In Gurman’s latest newsletter, “Power On” ensures that this year 2023 will be very “light”, with few changes in any iPad model, from the basic model to the iPad Pro, through the iPad Air. Nevertheless there will be important changes in 2024 especially in the iPad Pro, which will be launched in the spring of that yearand that it will have a new OLED screen and a completely updated design.

For months there has been talk of changes in the next iPad Pro, such as the change of the “unibody” aluminum structure for a new one with a glass back, similar to what the iPhone has. This change in materials could come hand in hand with a new “MagSafe” wireless charging system, which will have to evolve in order to quickly and efficiently recharge the large battery of the iPad Pro, much larger than that of the iPhone. The maximum 15W that the MagSafe system can offer right now would be too short to recharge the iPad Pro in an acceptable time, so it is more than likely that Apple will improve this charging system with more power, perhaps not only for the iPad Pro but also for the iPhone 15 that will arrive later this year.

iPad Pro and Dual Sense PS5 controller

Regarding the screen, it is taken for granted andThe switch to OLED technology for the next generations of iPad and MacBook. It seems that the new OLED panels are almost ready, and although it is unlikely that we will see them this year, this news that Gurman gives us seems to make it clear that in 2024 they could debut with the iPad Pro, to later appear on Apple laptops . There has also been a lot of talk about a possible increase in the screen of the iPad Pro, with a model that could reach 14 or even 16 inches. Let’s not forget that there are rumors that Apple is working on bringing the touch screen to the MacBook, or will it be an iPad Pro with a larger screen and macOS system?