The haptic buttons of the iPhone 15 will be configurable

One of the strongest rumors is that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max or Ultra will bring “solid state” or haptic buttons. I like more haptics. These buttons work in the same way that the Home button of the iPhone 7 onwards did and how the controls of the AirPods Pro do. However, it seems that those of the new iPhone, they will be able to be configured for two of the biggest issues we’ve seen since this rumor got out: holsters and glove use.

This configuration would come, as was not expected otherwise, in the settings and would be adjusted with a single toggle to turn sensitivity on/off according to the information provided to MacRumors. The leak comes from the same source that indicates that the iPhone 15 Pro will use a new ultra-efficient chip that would allow, even when turned off, the iPhone keep these buttons active (let’s remember that they need current to work since with our conductive finger, what we do is “close the circuit”).

As we have mentioned, one of the biggest concerns that we have been discussing on the blog and in the podcasts is how Apple would implement the use of covers or gloves for these types of buttons. Well, the leak suggests that, iOS 17 will include this toggle that would allow you to customize the sensitivity of the buttons to adapt to these different usage scenarios.. I don’t know what the implementation will be like, but at first it doesn’t sound very convincing… since every time you put on a case or put on gloves you would have to remember to adjust the sensitivity or vice versa. Does the supposed new action button that Apple would implement to manage it without having to enter settings and thanks to Shortcuts enter here? We will see.

Every year, iPhone case manufacturers often receive design details for upcoming iPhone models before they are released, allowing them to make adjustments to button position and other external changes. Combined with the new sensitivity setting, this should prevent any potential issues with the functionality of the new capacitive buttons, which will detect presses and respond to various levels of pressure using a Force Touch-style mechanism and Taptic feedback. Engine. Nothing new under the sun.

In line with previous rumors, it is expected that the haptic buttons are exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro models, while the models Standard iPhone 15 will retain the same traditional button mechanism as in the iPhone 14 series. The iPhone 15 Pro also got what I was talking about above, a new customizable action button in place of the mute switch, plus a unified volume button that replaces the volume up/down buttons (and hopefully the up and down system). turn down the volume on AirPods Pro 2)

As you know, it is expected that iPhone 15 series to be announced in Septemberbased on Apple’s regular iPhone release schedule.