Spotify is probably the most used platform to listen to music on demand and not just music, its Podcasts section is the best. With this clear, there is still an important issue to be resolved: How come we don’t have HiFi or Lossles mode with us yet. It is a question that millions of users ask themselves every day that they open the application. Especially those who pay for it. Because one of the good things about Spotify is being able to listen for free even if you have to put up with the ads.

Apple Music is not better than Spotify. Many users know that, although we love the Apple universe, we do not agree on how it executes certain parts of it. Apple Music is good, yes, but Spotify has much better chart management and especially recommendations. But, nevertheless, Apple Music offers us something that the green app still lacks: HiFi or Lossles mode. In other words, listen to music without audio losses. Something that should be almost mandatory that you already have it. But its CEO throws balls outside and it seems that although it will arrive at some point, we don’t know when.

Its CEO claims Spotify was in a position to deliver that lossless audio when Apple Music was ahead of him And of course, what the application wanted was to offer it in a way that could be attractive to them and the users. In other words, since Apple Music released it for free to its users, Spotify should do the same, but it didn’t like the idea of ​​being able to lose added revenue for a new feature. That is the only reason.

Until today, they have not found the formula that suits them. So the app still doesn’t offer that higher quality mode. But its CEO says it will come. He doesn’t know when, but he will arrive. Something they can already launch but don’t. They do their paying users a disservice, because after all, those of us who use the app for free know that we will not have it. What I fear is that it will become paid only. Time to time.