The HomePod that everyone wants, at a laughing price

Features and discount

In general, the HomePod mini has a similar aesthetics the HomePod original, but with differences in design. The main difference lies in their size, since it is much more compact at 8.43 cm high and 9.79 cm wide. His weight is 345 grams and it has the possibility of being purchased in multiple colors as we will see below.

Like the second-generation HomePod, it features a Touch panel that admits several types of gestures and at all times has a very innovative lighting system, which allows you to run different commands with a touch, two touches, three touches or invoke our beloved Siri.

The main problem with this device is that Apple marks a fixed price in each of its units, that is, the starting price is the price that is maintained throughout the year, an invariable price and that, only with promotions like the ones carried out by Mediamarkt in its Apple Days, we can get this product at a lower price. Next, we attach the details of the offer.

  • Apple HomePod mini (2021), blue color, Smart speaker: 105 euros.
  • Apple HomePod mini (2021), space gray color, Smart speaker: 105 euros.
  • Apple HomePod mini (2021), white color, Smart speaker: 105 euros.
  • Apple HomePod mini (2021), orange color, Smart speaker: 105 euros.
  • Apple HomePod mini (2021), yellow color, Smart speaker: 105 euros.

Along with this discount, Medimarkt allows you to finance it in 6 months without interestso each installment remains in a total of 18.43 euro, a very accessible price for a device as interesting as this and for most pockets.


It is also important to highlight the unique protection plans offered by Medimarkt, which are divided into two groups. The first group, called “Protect your new product” includes an additional year of warranty against electrical or mechanical breakdowns and three additional years of warranty against accidental damage or accidental breakage.

The second group is called “Select what you need”which indicates the withdrawal of the old article and Tech Help 1h assistance, where a technician goes to your home to answer any questions you may have.

Complete your purchase with accessories

Along with this, Mediamarkt allows you to combine the promotion of Apple Days with other products that are related to your AirPods, such as the Siri Remote 3rd generation, the Apple TV remote that you can use to communicate with your new 1st generation HomePod mini in an incredible way.


By way of conclusion, we are faced with a HomePod mini that mini has very little and which, for a long time, has been the Apple’s only product in this segment until, in 2023, Apple launched the second-generation HomePod with similar features and even shared some functions, such as the sensor of ambient humidity. So, do not think twice and buy this wonderful article.

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