The ideal monitor for your Mac, now much cheaper

One of the main products that the vast majority of users who have a Mac need is a good monitor, and the truth is that Apple’s own ones are not cheap at all. For this reason, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we have decided to present this incredible alternative for your Studio Display, at a much lower price and, above all, with the exception that the monitor that I use for my Mac mini M1 and MacBook pro M1 Pro.

Samsung Smart M8 at a huge discount

Samsung and Apple we can say that they are two leading companies wherever they are, and that is why competition has always been present. However, this is something that ends up benefiting users, since their competitiveness makes them improve their products and, consequently, users can enjoy their products more. innovations and improvements.

Apple recently launched the Studio Display, the ideal monitor for Apple computers, which has a design in keeping with the new Mac Studio or Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. However, the Korean company wants to occupy the market niche that Apple does not finish exploiting with a more accessible monitor for all users and, in this sense, the Samsung M8 perfectly complies for all users who are looking for a monitor with great features and, at a very interesting price and more, if it is in offer.

samsung m8 monitor

Among its features, it has a 32-inch 4K display, so the size is certainly not going to be a problem. His aspect ratio is 16:9, that is, one of the most widely used standards in the world and also, it is available in different colors: green, blue, white and pink. Of course, the starting price is the same for all799 euro, but each monitor can vary its offer for multiple reasons. The price we can find is the following:

  • Samsung Monitor Smart M8 in blue color: 282 euros discount. 35% discount
  • Samsung Monitor Smart M8 in green: 285 euros discount. 36% discount
  • Samsung Monitor Smart M8 in pink: 310 euro discount. 39% discount

Is it better than the Studio Display? For me if

Even though the Studio Display is a great device and the user experience is amazing, the price works against you, since there are currently alternatives at a much higher price economic and with very interesting benefits If you are a user that you want to follow within the Apple ecosystem For all the advantages it offers and, above all, for having greater synchronization between iPad, Mac and monitor, the Samsung M8, despite its price and its hardware and software features, is not the monitor you are looking for.


Unlike the previous paragraph, if you consider that the Samsung M8 can perfectly meet your needs in terms of image quality, construction of materials, possibilities to watch series and movies and you don’t mind having a device outside the Apple ecosystem, the korean monitor is the best alternative to the new apple device.

By way of conclusion, I bought this Samsung M8 because with the bad taste in my mouth of not acquiring the Studio Display, in order to continue building my Apple ecosystem. However, with the passage of time, I have completely changed my opinion and, above all, when I have entered an App Store again and I have seen the Apple monitor, since it seemed to me a much smaller monitor and above all, for a type of user like me who always has several screens open on the desktop. In addition, visually, it has been very good in my study and the quality of its colors It’s great for themes interface development and graphic design, so I can safely say that I bought this monitor for its price and would keep it for how good it is we have both adapted, me for what I was looking for and him, because he offers me what I am looking for. In short, do not think twice and buy the Samsung M8.