The ideal Valentine’s gifts for an Apple fan

Valentine’s Day is approaching and surely many couples are looking for the ideal gift to surprise at such a special moment. For this reason, in this post we want to recommend a series of products that, with total security, will please all those who have devices with the apple logo. So, if you want to get your gift right, keep reading.

Perfect gadgets to give away

One of the characteristics that is always sought when giving gifts on Valentine’s Day is to be original, for this reason, this Spigen brand strap it is ideal. In the end, what you will achieve is that your partner is able to transform your Apple Watch into a G-Shock watch, one of the most popular variants of the Casio brand. Without a doubt, it offers not only total protection to the watch, but a completely different aesthetic with which you will hit the mark without any doubt.

An ideal gadget for use with both the iPhone and the Apple Watch, as well as with any Apple product are these headphones, the Nothing Ear (Stick). The concept is very similar to that of the AirPods 3, however, they are much cheaper and, to be honest and honest, at the level of benefits they are quite similar. Its aesthetic is completely different from the usual, as well as its charging case, which can also be used as an anti-stress method.

It is possible that at one time or another you have heard your partner complain about the battery of their iPhone, well, if this is an iPhone 12 or higher model, this Anker MagSafe Battery it will be your salvation. Aesthetically it is really beautiful, in addition to having the facility that you only have to place it on the back of the iPhone for it to start charging. Without a doubt, it is one of those accessories that every user should have, whether you have an iPhone with little autonomy or not, since you may need it at any time and, really, you will be glad to have it.

Anker Battery

We continue talking about the iPhone, but no, calm down, calm down, we are not going to recommend that you give your partner an iPhone, although it is true that if you do, they will be in for a tremendous surprise. But hey, we are going with a just accessory to make your lover’s iPhone last for many years, it is the apple leather case, which not only protects the device like a charm, but also offers a sensation when using it that is difficult to match by other brands. In addition, it is available in a multitude of colors.

iphone with case

We are talking about the Apple Watch again, and this gift option will undoubtedly be loved by your partner if your partner is in love with Apple because of that vintage scent it has. It is a charging dock for Apple Watch where you can locate the charger itself. Now, the highlight of this charging base is its shape, since it imitates the popular and traditional Macintosh, giving a completely different touch to the Apple Watch charger and even being a very attractive decorative element for any Apple lover.