The iMac M3 in its final phase, ready for this year?

While we’re expecting a few new Mac releases this year, like the 15-inch MacBook Air and Apple Silicon-powered Mac Pro, one product that’s been suspiciously out of the buzz is the revamped iMac. Well, it seems that, finally, We’ve heard from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg on what to expect from the next iMac, including the chip, size, colors, and a possible release date.

Mark has shared the details of the future iMac and more details in his Power On newsletter this yesterday noting that the question he gets the most each week is “when will a new iMac come out?”. On this, Mark Gurman says that the good news is that The next-generation iMacs, codenamed J433 and J434, are “in an advanced stage” engineering validation testing (EVT) and that Apple is currently conducting production testing of the upcoming desktop computer.

There has been a lot of rumors and speculation about the possibility of Apple working on a 27-inch iMac, but according to Gurman, the 24 version will be the only one that remains available for the iMac range. On the other hand, and speaking of colors, it seems that the next generation of iMacs will come in the same shades that already exist for the iMac M1, thus including silver, blue, pink and orange. Not including yellow, green or purple in this estimate, but they could also arrive in these colors.

Mark points out that, naturally, New iMacs will be more powerful with an updated Apple Silicon chip. But she does not get to name it or not explicitly. Last year it was reported that Apple was working on the next generation iMac with an M3 chip.

Later in the report, he reiterates the expectation that the new iMac will be “one of the company’s first machines based on the M3.” And just like the M2 unveiled at WWDC last year, we might get a look at the M3 this June before the launch of the new iMac a bit later. And this “a little later” Mark Gurman means that We don’t expect the iMac M3 to go into production for at least the next three months, so it could be released in the second half of 2023.