The improvement that Apple needed to include in the iPhone

Apple is a company that does not stop evolving both its products and their operating systems, although with some it goes a little slower than many would like. Well, in a few days all users will be able to enjoy an improvement that, of course, was necessary and that all those who make calls through their iPhone will be able to take advantage of. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

Calls will improve considerably with iOS 16.4

One of the great news that has been known this week is that the Cupertino company has launched the beta RC for all developers and users who are enrolled in this beta program. This is treated, if nothing strange happens, in the last one that the Cupertino company launches before the final versionIn fact, if there are no errors, it is the same version that will reach users next week, since they always separate 7 days from the launch of the RC beta to the official launch of said version, in this case iOS 16.4.

As we have been telling you, iOS 16.4 is the version that introduces the fewest changes of all those that have been released so far, something normal and usual, since practically all the news usually arrive in the first two or three versions of the OS. Now, that does not mean that users will not have these incentives to update, and it is that among the whole series of new functions that iOS 16.4 includes, there is one specifically that all users will be able to take advantage of and that, without a doubt, we will appreciate. enormously.

Apple has introduced voice isolation within phone calls. What this function achieves is that reduces all outside noise and enhances your voice so that the person you are talking to can hear and understand you perfectly despite the fact that there is a lot of noise around you. This is something that not new to appleIn fact, it has been in apps like FaceTime or WhatsApp for a while now, and the truth is that it works really well.

Furthermore, this improvement can help a lot to all AirPods usersOf course, if they sin of something, it is not having a very good microphone, causing that, on occasions when you are in a noisy environment, if you make a call, the other person has certain difficulties to be able to hear you. With this new voice isolation mode, all that outside noise will be reduced and the person you’re talking to on your iPhone will be able to hear you perfectly.

It is undoubtedly an improvement that, although it is not completely disruptive, will significantly improve people’s lives that throughout the day they have to make many phone calls from practically anywhere, now causing ambient noise to not be a concern for them. Of course, in order to enjoy this function, all users will have to update their iPhone to iOS 16.4, a version that will be released at the beginning of next week, so we recommend that you prepare to update.