The iOS 16.5 beta loads compatibility with this Apple accessory

The problem goes through the Lightning port

The current connection port that iPhones have requires adapters to be able to connect standard accessories. SD cards, video signal, external memories, etc. they need, yes or yes, peripherals to be able to work with these phones. Although there are third-party (authorized) manufacturers that manufacture this type of peripheral, Apple itself also has an official catalog.

One of the Lightning adapters to connect accessories is the one for USB 3 for cameras. This adapter has a USB-A port and a Lightning port to be able to connect it to the current, so that it is capable of delivering maximum power, in exchange for stability and speed in terms of data transfer. This specific accessory It is the one that has stopped working with the latest beta of iOS 16.5.

It is not known why this has occurred, and everything points to what would be a programming error. A bug that has caused this Lightning adapter to stop working, losing compatibility and leaving all users of this peripheral without an official alternative that works.

lightning usb 3 adapter

In the same way that everything indicates that it is a bug (and that it is not known why it happened), it is not known, at least for now, how long this will continue to happen. “Apple has laid the foundation for the first beta of iOS 16.6 for developers, but the update still looks like it will take weeks to arrive, so an iOS 16.5.1 update may be necessary if the company wants to fix the bug as soon as possible,” they explain. from the MacRumors medium.

iOS 16.6 already exists, but it is not yet available

After the release of the iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 betas, the company has already “planted the seed” of iOS 16.6, for developers. At the moment, this trial version is not yet accessible and, therefore, the content, news and arrangements that it can bring with it are not known.

In the same way, there is also no specific date on which this version of the system will be launched for developers. And as for the return of support for the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, there’s no telling for sure what’s going to happen next either.

If you are a user of this adapter, it is best not to update to this beta version, in order to continue using the peripheral normally. The current versions of iOS 16, at least for now, have not reported problems or failures regarding the use, stability and data transfer with this adapter.

On the official Apple website, this peripheral is priced at 49 euros and its compatibility remains the same as always, facing the official list of devices: from the first iPad mini, to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Initially, all Lightning devices (iPad and iPhone) support it. So now it will be time to wait how long this situation lasts.