Live Activities were integrated into iOS 16 with the arrival of the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. This new feature allowed you to access more information from the lock screen and from the screen itself. island with dynamic content capable of changing depending on the application. The first beta of iOS 17.4 introduces the Clock app stopwatch as a live activity with the aim of quickly accessing it from anywhere on iOS. Furthermore, with this movement we will avoid leaving the stopwatch indefinitely.

With iOS 17.4 you won't forget to cancel the stopwatch

Live activities have forged one of the most visual features supported by the dynamic island of both the iPhone 14 Pro and all iPhone 15 models. Some live activities include recording voice memos, connecting AirDrop, deliveries by food delivery people in certain apps or directions from the Maps app.

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With iOS 17.4 Apple wants to take another leap with Live Activities and will integrate the Clock app stopwatch as a live activity. In this way, the user will be able to quickly access the stopwatch by clicking on the Dynamic Island. Once the interface is displayed at the top, you can delete the stopwatch, pause it or restart it. All without accessing the Clock app.

In the same way, the active stopwatch information can also be accessed from the lock screen at the bottom, with the same controls discussed for the dynamic island. Thus, We will guarantee that we do not forget to turn off the stopwatch and access it quickly and directly. It is very likely that Apple will continue advancing in this line, finding new ways and new native apps that can be useful when deployed as live activities. We'll see what iOS 17.4 beta 2 has in store for us, which we're likely to see throughout this week.