The iPad Air 5 on sale thanks to Black Friday

The iPad Air 5 is one of the best devices that a user can buy, yes, we already told you. But it is that if, on top of all the benefits that it is capable of offering users, it also has a discount like the one we bring you in this post, its purchase practically becomes an obligation, well, maybe not so much, but take a look. look that surely ends up interesting you.

Surely, if one had to describe what a very balanced productoy with one good value for money, the iPad Air 5 would be among the candidates to take the first place in the entire catalog of Apple products. Of course, those from Cupertino have managed to create an iPad that is surely capable of satisfying the needs of all users, from those who simply want a computer to watch series or YouTube, to those who want to use it for work.

One of the main factors why users have liked the iPad Air 5 so much is because the balance between what it costs and what it is capable of offering is really well achieved, and that is not always easy. Initially It has a price of 769 euros in its 64 GB version, however, thanks to Black Friday and the discount you have available at MediaMarkt, You can buy this iPad Air 5 for 699 eurosnamely, 70 euro discount Which, of course, can be great for you to be able to acquire other accessories and thus further enhance the possibilities offered by this equipment.

Advantages of the iPad Air 5

As we said, this iPad is capable of satisfying the needs of a really wide audience. Its size and screen is ideal for all those who want a device to consume multimedia content comfortably and, above all, who can take it from one place to another without it being uncomfortable to carry it in one hand, backpack, bag or suitcase. Besides, the color calibration it’s really good, which also allows many creators to perfectly edit their photos with it. Really, the only thing missing is a higher refresh rate, but then surely the price would be much higher, as is the case with the iPad Pro.

iPad Air + magic

Inside it has the M1 chip, And that is a lot to say. It is a processor that gives this computer enviable power and performance, in fact, it is the same one that many of the company’s computers still have, including the iMac. Last but not least, you have to take into account the compatible accessorieswhich are mainly 2nd generation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboarda combination that together with the presence of USB-C portmakes this iPad a true machine of productivity and versatility, the perfect definition of what Apple wants to achieve with the iPad. Therefore, taking into account the offer that you have available thanks to Black Friday, if you were thinking of buying this equipment, do not hesitate, you will not regret it.