The iPad Air at a greatly reduced price for a limited time

One of the best iPads you can buy today is, without a doubt, the iPad Air, since it has a truly enviable value for money. Well, to that now you have to add the possibility of having a significant discount thanks to the offer you have available on Amazon. Keep reading that in this post we will tell you everything in detail.

Is it a good idea to buy the iPad Air?

Any user who enters the Apple website can see how, fortunately, it has a large catalog of products, a wide variety of iPads that each adapt to an audience with different needs. Well, among all of them, surely the one with the best quality/price ratio is the iPad Air.

At a functional level we can practically consider it an iPad Pro, except for the screen, which does not have a 120 Hz refresh rate, something that you will not notice if you have not previously had an iPad with this feature. As for power, it’s plenty, the M1 chip takes care of it. Its design is exactly the same as its older brothers, and it also offers a wide range of colors so that each user can choose the one they like best. On the other hand, and now we will talk about it, compatibility with the best accessories on the market is vital, which causes its potential to increase considerably.

However, the price is not low, since Apple starts at 769 euros in the 64 GB version, which honestly falls a little short for those users who want to use this device to work with it. Now, as we said, fortunately there are stores that have very interesting offers, specifically it is Amazon that has a great buying opportunity, leaving the iPad Air at 679 euros in its 64 GB version and at 869 euros in its 256 GB version.

Accessories to get the most out of it

Time to talk about accessories, which are what really give users the opportunity to get the most out of a device like the iPad Air. Fortunately there are a wide variety of options, so in this post we wanted to compile the most interesting ones and those that we consider to be the most suitable for enhancing the features of the iPad.

  • Magic Keyboard. It is undoubtedly one of the most important accessories to enjoy a great experience when working with the iPad. Both aesthetics and functionality are truly amazing. In addition, the trackpad gives it that extra bit that will allow you to use your iPad as if it were a Mac.

iPad Air + magic

  • 2nd generation Apple Pencil. If the Magic Keyboard is a success, the Apple Pencil is the best companion if you want to use the iPad Air as a notebook, or drawing canvas. There is no stylus that offers an experience like the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.
  • elago magnetic mount. The iPad is not only a great product to be used on its own, but also has great potential to be used together with other equipment, mainly together with the Mac. Through SideCar or Universal Control, the synergies between these two equipment will make you take productivity to the next level, and to do so, having a magnetic support like elago’s is a real wonder.