The iPad Air didn’t convince me at all, but its reduced price was the definitive “yes”

The iPad Air has managed to position itself as a balanced device, with laptop power thanks to the Apple M1 processor, with good quality construction and components, and suitable for both working and consuming content on the go. So if you want to know the discounted price at which you will be able to find it, in this article we are going to give you all the details. With the new price, its purchase makes it much more worthwhile and, therefore, a device that we can pay for in much less time.

When Apple introduced the iPad Pro, it said that it was going to be a professional computer. And at first, it was just an iPad, but bigger than before. What no one could have imagined years later was that the iPad Air could also be converted into a computer. We have a compact design with work space, without buttons on the front, with the Apple M1 processor inside and a USB Type C port, with USB3 speed at the bottom. And if we add compatibility with all types of accessories, such as keyboards, mice, headphones and external memories, it is a computer with a touch interface. And now, we are going to find it for much less money through Amazon. Below we are going to let you know its internal specifications, as well as the model that is currently at a reduced price.

This iPad Air is going to cost you much less

The model that is currently for less money is the entry-level one. It’s about a 64GB iPad Air and Wi-Fi connection. With Apple M1 processor and Mauve color. Through the Apple Store, it usually costs 769 euros. Its reduced price on Amazon right now is 699 euros. Therefore, we are talking about a direct discount of 70 euros, for the same device, and only for the fact of purchasing it from a different site.

The iPad Air has a 10.9-inch screen, and its panel is Super Retina XDR. Thanks to its dimensions we have a work surface that we are going to see in high quality. Whether we want to write in applications like Word or Pages, edit photos in Photoshop or Affinity Photo, and even edit video in Final Cut, with this equipment we will be able to do it. If we focus on the official Apple applications, this model, incorporating an M1 processor, is compatible with the new exclusive versions of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad. So we will now also be able to enjoy the experience of working with professional Apple programs on the Mac on the iPad. In addition, it is a very good device with which to play video games, since we have plenty of power at hand and the entire catalog of games from the App Store or Apple Arcade. And if we want to consume content, we have an entire ecosystem of streaming platforms at hand. And all this, now for less money, thanks to this Amazon offer.

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