The iPad Air has a big discount. Run, they fly!

One of the most balanced iPad models of all is without a doubt the iPad Air, in fact the success it has had in sales is a good example of what Apple has been able to do with this device. Therefore, having a discount like the one offered by MediaMarkt is a fantastic opportunity to save a good amount of money on the purchase of this equipment. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discount available

The iPads have never been devices that have a really cheap price, but it is true that if within the entire Apple catalog you have to choose one that has a really good quality/price ratio, without a doubt the iPad Air is the most suitable candidate. powerful, surely next to the iPad 9th generation or iPad 10th generation.

Well, despite the fact that Apple never offers discounts, that does not mean that users do not have the opportunity to purchase discounted Apple equipment, and it is that thanks to stores like MediaMarkt, buying an iPad Air somewhat cheaper is possible. Specifically, on this occasion all those who want to buy this iPad Air will be able to do so by saving up to 70 euros on the most basic model, that is, the one with 64 GB of storage.

Reasons to buy the iPad Air

Despite the fact that this iPad has a great discount from MediaMarkt, the truth is that even so, it is still almost 700 euros that users will have to pay for it if they want to have it in their hands. Therefore, below we leave you a series of reasons why we consider that acquiring this iPad model is a very good idea.

  • Compatible accessories. Undoubtedly, having the compatibility of the 2nd generation Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard, give this iPad many points to be the great choice for users. The experience that these two gadgets offer and the potential that they give to the iPad is truly incredible, being two accessories that we highly recommend.

iPad Air+monitor

  • Screen. Despite the fact that it does not have the latest technology or the best screen on the market, as is the case with the iPad Pro, the iPad Air has a panel that is really suitable for the vast majority of users, whether you want to use it for your moments for leisure and for work. Its colors are really balanced and it also has enough brightness to be able to use it without problems outside the home.
  • Size. Its 10.9-inch screen makes the size of the equipment very balanced, being able to use it to work with it without jeopardizing the portability of the equipment, and this is key for many users to end up betting on this iPad as the main equipment for their day to day.
  • Power. Obviously, if we talk about the iPad Air, we must also talk about power, and that is that it has the M1 chip, which is the same one that many of Apple’s computers have, so you can be sure of one thing, this iPad it has plenty of power.