The iPad Air now cheaper thanks to this discount

When users consider making a purchase of an Apple product, or really, of any technological product, the most important thing is to find that balance between what they pay for the product and the benefits that it provides them. For this reason, the 5th generation iPad Air is one of the most balanced Apple devices in that sense, and now it has a really interesting discount on top of that.

iPad Air discounts

The iPad must be recognized that They are not exactly very cheap equipmentHowever, the great potential they have must be taken into account, giving users the possibility of carrying out a large number of tasks, both professional and more common on a day-to-day basis. As we said before, the device that best suits all of them and that has the best value for money is, without a doubt, the iPad Air, although we will talk about it in depth a few lines below.

Now what we want to do is focus on talking about its price, which amounts to 769 euros for all those who want to buy it through the Apple Store, either one of the physical stores that Apple has throughout the world or through the website itself. However, now users have the possibility to purchase it with a series of discounts that Amazon has available and that we leave you below.

  • iPad Air 64GB
    • Blue color: not available.
    • White star color: 90 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 90 euros discount.
    • Mauve color: 90 euros discount.
  • iPad Air 256GB
    • Blue color: 100 euros discount.
    • White star color: 100 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 100 euros discount.
    • Mauve color: 100 euros discount.

Is it a good idea to buy this iPad?

Once we have already told you about the discounts that you have available on this iPad Air, it is time to talk to you in more depth about it. As we told you, it is a really interesting piece of equipment for all that it is capable of offering the user. First of all, it has M1 chipIn other words, this device will not lack power, and now it will also have a great advantage over other models that do not have an M1 or higher processor, and that is that users will be able to use Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro at starting May 23.

iPad Air + magic

Another point in favor of this iPad is that it has the Same accessory compatibility as Pro models, that is to say, that you will be able to use both the Magic Keyboard and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, something really important and that adds greatly to the experience that users obtain when using this combo of products. Finally, its size is ideal for day to day, 10.9 inch screen with which you can work and enjoy your leisure time.

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