The iPad Air with a great discount Take advantage of the opportunity!

Surely the most balanced iPad of all that Apple sells in its stores is the 2022 iPad Air, and if you add to that the fact that Amazon has a really interesting discount, it becomes a moment and a product that you have to take advantage of if You were thinking of buying an iPad or simply renewing yours. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

discounts available

Whenever we talk about a round product or one that has a good quality/price ratio, it is usually thought that the economic amount that has to be paid for it is low, well, in this case it is not entirely like that, since in the end the price of the 2022 iPad Air is still high, since it exceeds 700 eurosHowever, it is also true that it offers many functions that users can take advantage of tremendously.

The official price of this model in the Apple Store is 769 eurosand despite the fact that the Cupertino company never offers discounts on its products, there are other stores or establishments that, fortunately for users, have interesting offers on Apple products, now being the case of the iPad Air, which in Amazon has a very interesting discount. We leave you the discounts below.

  • iPad Air 64GB
    • Blue color: 64 euros discount.
    • White star color: 64 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 50 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 68 euros discount.
    • Mauve color: 16 euros discount.
  • iPad Air 256GB
    • Blue color: 20 euros discount.
    • White star color: 70 euros discount.
    • Space gray color: 70 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 56 euros discount.
    • Mauve color: no discount.

The strengths of the iPad Air

Once you know the available discounts that you have on the different iPad Air models, it is time to focus on the advantages that this device offers. The first one is designwhich provides users with the possibility of having an all-screen front in which it is a joy both to work and to consume multimedia content at leisure.

iPad Air + iPhone

It has the M1 chip, which is the same processor that many of the company’s computers have, so power is something that this device will certainly not lack, with which you can carry out practically any task that you set your mind to. Also, for its size is ideal to be able to transport it and use it practically wherever you want, since it has the perfect balance between a large screen and comfortable dimensions when transporting and using it. Finally, one must also take into account the compatibility with the best Apple accessoriessuch as the Magic Keyboard and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, which will help you get the most out of this equipment.

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