The iPad could copy this from the iPhone

The iPhone and iPad share many features of their different operating systems, and that is that in the end, iPadOS is born from iOS. However, one of the recent innovations that Apple has incorporated into the iPhone has not reached the iPad in the same way, and of course, it would be a function that many users would appreciate. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

Until not long ago, iOS was the operating system used by both the different models of iPhone and iPad, so the vast majority of features that were available on both devices. That with the arrival of iPadOS changed slightly, since we can actually say that it shares many of the characteristics. However, one of the most striking that has just arrived with iOS 16 is not in iPadOS 16, and the reality is that it would be really useful for users who use an iPad.

The iOS features that should be coming to iPadOS

The functions we are talking about are those that have arrived in iOS 16 on the iPhone lock screen, that is, both the opportunity to have the screen always onas well as the possibility of customize different lock screens to associate them with the different states of concentration that each user has configured.

It makes all the sense in the world that both functions are on the iPad, especially on the Pro, which also have a 120 Hz screen refresh, in addition to the concentration states are also present. So it would be really useful for users to be able to create, customize and configure these lock screensboth with the wallpapers that each user wants, as well as with the possibility of include widgets on their home screen.

Hopes that Apple will implement these features in one of the upcoming iPadOS updates is Quite likely, and it is that in the end, since iPadOS has existed, those of Cupertino have made the movement of launching a great novelty in iOS on several occasions and later, doing the same in iPadOS. In fact, the possibility of including widgets on the home screen and not only in what was previously the area enabled for it, came earlier in iOS than in iPadOS, which came just a year later. Therefore, it is quite likely that iPadOS 17Apple allows iPad users to set different lock screens, with custom widgets, as well as activate the always-on screen on iPads that can take advantage of this function, which would only be Pro models having a ProMotion screen.

ipads on ipad pro 2021

obviously this it’s nothing official, but without a doubt it is a rumor that has a high probability of coming true, especially considering that today it could even be viable in the current iPad Pro, since Apple only needs to activate it through of the software. Of course, if it arrived, it would not be through a better update, but would see the light through a generation change, that is, with iPadOS 17 in the next month of September.