The iPad mini, now at a discount on Amazon

One of the most niche products that you can find in the entire Apple catalog is, without a doubt, the iPad mini. However, despite the fact that due to its size people may think that it has a very cheap price, the truth is that it is not. Nor does it reach what you have to pay for an iPad Air or iPad Pro, but a discount like the one we leave you in this post will be great for you.

discounts available

The iPad mini is a device that, although it offers very attractive possibilities for a specific type of user, the price that they have to pay for it is not too cheap either. As we said, obviously it does not reach the amounts that must be paid for the iPad Air or the iPad Pro, but its price does not drop too much either. That is why, for all those who were interested in their purchase, surely the discount they have on Amazon will be great for them.

  • iPad mini Wi-Fi
    • 64GB of storage
      • White star color: 34 euros discount.
      • Space gray color: 24 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 34 euros discount.
      • Mauve color: 34 euros discount.
    • 256 GB of storage
      • Star white color: not available.
      • Space gray color: 20 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 70 euros discount.
      • Mauve color: 20 euros discount.

  • iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular
    • 64GB of storage
      • White star color: 150 euros discount.
      • Space gray color: 70 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 70 euros discount.
      • Mauve color: 70 euros discount.
    • 256 GB of storage
      • White star color: 94 euros discount.
      • Space gray color: 94 euros discount.
      • Pink color: not available.
      • Mauve color: 94 euros discount.

Is the iPad mini worth it?

This question always has the same answer, and that is that it depends on the use and the needs of each user. The iPad mini is focused on an audience that has very clear needs and that, in addition, these are really concrete. And it is that it is a device with very small dimensions and that, unlike the rest of the iPad models, it is not really focused on productivity or professional use of it.

ipad mini screen

The iPad mini is made to give users a really comfortable device where they can consume multimedia content, browse social networks, play games and even use it as digital notebooksince in the end Apple has done it compatible with 2nd generation Apple Pencil. It is ideal to be able to take it anywhere since it can even fit into the pocket of a coat or pants. Now, it is probably not the most appropriate iPad if what you want is a computer to work, since it does not even have an official Apple keyboard for it. Obviously keyboards can be connected to it via Bluetooth, but it’s not really intended for such use. Therefore, once you are clear about your needs, if the iPad mini can satisfy them, it is undoubtedly a great purchase.

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