The iPad mini, now with a smaller price

Are you looking for a next-generation iPad mini? Do you want to pay less for it? If this is your case, in this post we present you with an interesting offer that will make us spend less money for Apple’s smallest tablet. But, despite its small size of 8.3 inches, it is a powerful and capable device, and in which we will find an iPad in capital letters. So if you want to take advantage of the offer, and want to know the available models, let’s go!

The iPad mini is bigger than ever, thanks to the improvements it experienced in the sixth generation. In this case, it is an offer that is available on the Amazon website. So right now we are going to detail everything you need to know about it.

This is what the iPad mini costs now on Amazon

The 64GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi connection has a regular price in the Apple Store of 649 euros. However, thanks to the 8% discount, the Mauve color remains for 594 euros. So we are talking about paying 55 euros less for it.

If we want to go for the other colors, in the same range of specifications, both the Star White model, the Space Gray model and the Pink model now also have a good discount. And it is that We can find them for 599 euros. So we will be paying 50 euros less, if we opt for the configuration of 64GB of internal memory storage and Wi-Fi connection.

If you want more independence, the Cellular model will be good for you

If in your case you are looking for a small and powerful tablet, but you also want to have internet wherever you go, there is also an offer for you. The model with 64GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi + Cellular connection in Space Gray has a regular price of 849 euros in the Apple Store. However, in this case it is only €774 thanks to the 9% discount they currently have on Amazon.

The Space Gray color is not the only one that is on sale right now. The colors Star White, Pink and Mauve are also available for less money. On this occasion, in the 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular configuration we have them available for 779 euros. If you want to get any of them, below we leave you a direct link that will take you to the model configurator.

ipad mini

Complement it with accessories

In case you didn’t know, the sixth generation iPad mini works with the Apple Pencil. And the model with which it is compatible is the second generation. Thanks to this tool we will be able to expand the uses of this device much more.

And, yes: In the same way that these iPad models are on sale, so is the second generation Apple Pencil. The official price in the Apple Store is 149 euros. However, thanks to this offer from Amazon, we can now have it for 135 euros.

If we want to have a portable notepad, a miniature drawing notebook, or have a tool with which to improve our interaction with the interface, the second generation Apple Pencil improves many elements that we already had in the first. Starting with a more immediate connection and lower latency, as well as comfort and grip in the hand.