The iPad mini reduces its price in MediaMarkt

Apple’s smallest iPad, now at a smaller price. Thanks to an offer from MediaMarkt, we can now get the iPad mini 6th generation, 256GB of storage space, and with Wi-Fi for less. So if you were thinking of buying this product, with the price reduction, it becomes a much more interesting option. Do you want to know the details? We tell you!

The latest model iPad mini on sale at MediaMarkt

There was a time when the iPad mini was the entry-level iPad and therefore had the lowest price. However, this product range has gradually become a “niche iPad”. However, it is still one of the best iPad that we can buy today, especially taking into account the redesign that it has had after the presentation of the sixth generation. the iPad mini follows the “all screen” line of design of the other iPads, in addition to offering compatibility with the second generation Apple Pencil. Thanks to its 8.3-inch screen, we still have a small device, but much better usable, since the screen goes from edge to edge.

The storage space can become a differential element, which makes us buy the iPad, or perhaps make us think better about the purchase. Nevertheless, the model that is on sale in MediaMarkt is the 256GB one, so we will be much more relaxed, than not if we buy the 64GB of base memory that Apple offers in this product. The benefits of this iPad, beyond its size and screen quality, are inside. To begin with, we have the A15 Bionic chip, which is the same one that the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 14 and 14 Plus incorporate, so, in terms of performance, we will have plenty. In addition, it has a USB type C connection, thanks to which we will obtain a fast charging system, as well as compatibility with accessories and adapters to connect peripherals.

As for cameras, this iPad mini offers us an exterior camera, with a wide-angle lens, 12 megapixels. And the main camera does not fall short, since we are going to have 12 megapixels to make video calls in high quality. In addition, it has a TouchID sensor on the side and is compatible with all types of Bluetooth keyboards.

This costs the iPad mini on offer at MediaMarkt

Currently, the official price of the iPad mini, 256GB and Wi-Fi connection, at Apple is 849. However, Right now you can get it at MediaMarkt for only 775 euros. Also, since the offer is through the website, you have to know that shipping or store pickup will be completely free.

ipad mini side

The colors of the iPad mini are currently four. Space Grey, Star White, Purple, and Pink. The colors that are on sale are all, except the pink one. However, if the color is not a decisive factor for you, any of the iPad mini models become an option to consider, thanks to the price reduction. So, take advantage before it ends!