We may not see an event in October where the new Macs and iPads are unveiled, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any news about them. We are still waiting for Apple to actually launch the new models for this year on the iPad. However, we are already starting to see the first rumors of what will be the 2024 models. According to a latest report, it is likely that the new Apple Tablets will come that year much thinner than what has been seen so far, thanks to hybrid OLED technology.

Hybrid OLED technology represents an evolution in screens compared to what has been seen so far. It seems that, at first, it is not a big deal, but if we say that the new technology can make the size of the devices that use it thinner and that it also represents a reduction of production costs, We are already talking about very important issues that affect users and companies.

It is what can be called a win-win. Everyone wins. Users for receiving a slimmer device with better screen quality. The company also increases profits because manufacturing this type of gadget involves lower costs. Considering that hybrid OLED technology supposed to improve brightness and color through the use of quantum dots.

According to new rumors, Apple could be planning launch new iPads with this technology in 2024. The basis for it is because Apple has teamed up with another manufacturing partner that is likely to be involved in upcoming updates to the iPad Pro and 12.9-inch MacBook Pro: Taiwan SMT. The American company has contributed financially to Taiwan SMT’s efforts to expand its production capacity.

As long as the rumor is fulfilled or not, Apple will continue to use mini-LED technology