The iPad Pro falls below 1,000 euros on Amazon

If you are interested in getting the most professional model of the iPad, but you don’t want to spend so much money, now you can get it for less money. This is thanks to an offer that Apple itself has launched through its official Amazon store, so if you were looking for a good opportunity to get hold of it, now you can take advantage of it. Know the details in this post!

The discount places it at a much more interesting price

The iPad Pro is the Apple’s most professional and powerful tablet. However, its high performance places it as a high-priced device. And if we want to bet on one of these, a price reduction is always welcome, since then the final amount that we will end up paying will not be as high as if we had to buy it in the official Apple store.

The most interesting thing about this offer is that it has been carried out by the company itself, through its official sales portal on Amazon. So, we’re having the best of both worlds. On the one hand, Amazon’s delivery service, which is free, and on the other, the confidence that we are going to be buying a device from an authorized dealer.

Thus, the specific model that is below 1,000 euros is the 11-inch iPad Pro, with 128GB of local storage memory. Both the Space Gray and Silver colors are on sale. However, the first one is cheaper since it stays at only 955 euros. The silver model does its thing with a price of 964.99 euros. And if we take into account that the official price of Apple is marked at 1049 euros, we are talking about a 94 and 84 euro discount (respectively).

This model of iPad Pro incorporates the Apple M1 processor and, in addition to the power that this entails, it is compatible with the new versions of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro that Apple has already officially released for these devices. So if you want to have a powerful tool, compatible with software and capable of performing heavy tasks, what better than paying less money for it?


The 128GB may not be much at first, but the truth is that if we are going to be working with applications in the cloud, or we have storage plans on servers such as iCloud or Google Drive, it will not be a problem. In addition, thanks to its USB type C connection, it is compatible with external memories, such as USB, hard drives or SSDs with which we can manage our files as if we were working from a computer.

The advantages of buying it on Amazon

Buying this iPad Pro model on Amazon not only entails a price reduction, but also alternatives to some conditions that Apple itself has. To begin with, the financing of this product is carried out through Credit Line, being able to defer payments for up to 24 months.

In addition, delivery with Amazon is free, in the same way as its return. Thus, we have the confidence of having an efficient, and much closer, after-sales service, especially if we are not used to the operation of the Apple Store Online service.