The iPad that edits Final Cut Pro X, at a movie price

The iPad Air is the iPad is the most balanced you can find today, an iPad that has the powerful M1 chip, the same chip as the 24-inch iMac and with features that iPad Pros have, such as the second-hand Apple Pencil. generation. For all these reasons, it is normal that many users want to purchase this product and, even more so now, with the great discount including Amazon.

discount available

Any user can verify that Apple is a company that does not usually give discounts in its products, therefore, its price remains stable throughout the useful life of the product, unless Apple launches a new generation that reduces the price of its previous models.

To all this, we have to add that Apple the price has gone up iPad Pro M2 and iPad 10th generation. However, the iPad Air, since it has not undergone renewal, keeps the price without the rise that has led the iPhone, Mac and the aforementioned iPad, settling at a price closer to the entry iPad than to the iPad Pro. Next, we are going to see the discount presented by the online platform Amazon.

  • iPad Air 2022 (Wi-Fi, 64 GB) – White Star (5th generation): 647 euros.
  • iPad Air 2022 (Wi-Fi, 64 GB) – pink (5th generation): 659 euros.
  • iPad Air 2022 (Wi-Fi, 64 GB) – Malca (5th generation): 679 euros.
  • iPad Air 2022 (Wi-Fi, 256 GB) – White Star (5th generation): 869 euros
  • iPad Air 2022 (Wi-Fi, 256 GB) – White Star (5th generation): 869 euros

What does the iPad Air bring us?

The iPad Air, as we have said in the introduction to this article, is a device that could have the pro qualifier perfectly, except for the screen, which does not have a 120 Hz refresh rate, Face ID technology, because it includes Touch ID and the second-generation Apple Silicon processor, since the iPad Air includes the M1Although the main differences are minimal, since it is an update more designed for efficiency and autonomy than for performance per se.

Except for these little gadgets, the iPad Air It has a design similar to that of its older brothers, to which we have to add a wide range of colors, where users can choose the color that best suits it. Of course, if you are looking for a more serious color, you have the color black.

With respect to accessories, this fifth generation iPad, is one of the factors where this device shows its advantages over the entry series and similarities to the Pro series, since it has the second generation Apple Pencil, the same Pencil that the iPad Pro carries. Along with this, we have to add the keyboard, which is available for this version of iPad.


By way of conclusion, if it is important to highlight that the version of 64GB if it can fall short in terms of storage, but you can alleviate this problem with a external hard drive or through the subscription plans of iCloud. If you were thinking of renewing an iPad, think no more and buy this iPad Air 2022 at an incredible price.

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