The iPhone 13, at an irresistible price. Take advantage of!

The iPhone is one of the most desired products by all users, however, its high price means that many do not want to invest so much money in a smartphone. For this reason, and in order to solve it, in this post we bring you a really good offer on one of the best iPhones that you can buy today, the iPhone 13. Keep reading that we will tell you everything.

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The situation that the iPhone 13 has experienced and is experiencing is really curious, and it is that it really It has gained more popularity after the launch of the iPhone 14, something that as we have told you, is very strange, although obviously it has its explanation. Apple, with the launch of the iPhone 14, has adjusted their price to the economic situation in Spain, which has caused the final price at which these devices are sold here to be higher than before. This has put the iPhone 14 with a starting price of more than 1,000 euros, which has caused the iPhone 13, without having lowered its price 1 year later, to position itself as one of the most appropriate purchases on the market.

Of course, the fact that the iPhone 13 has not dropped in price in the Apple Store does not mean that it has not, or does not do so in other establishments, such as MediaMarkt, which today, and for a limited time. , offers a great discount on the iPhone 13 128 GB, which It is found at 789 eurosthat if you compare it with the 909 euros that they cost in the Apple Store, the discount is quite interesting.

Reasons why buying the iPhone 13 in 2023 is a good idea

If the reduction in the price of this device is not enough reason to consider its purchase, then we go with some of the highlights of this equipment. The first of them is its comparison with the iPhone 14and this is surely one of the less substantial evolutions in Apple’s history, since we can say that the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 are 98% the same.

At the camera level It has great specifications, a dual camera module with an angular and a wide-angle lens, which have really good openings to take quality photos both day and night, in this case helped by the night mode. At the level of video It is also a true machine, with a stabilization of a dream.

iPhone 13 mini camerasIts size is perfect For daily use, the 6.1 inches are really comfortable to be able to consume content and use the equipment with one hand at the same time. Of course, its size makes Battery not over, and while it’s plenty for normal use, those who want to push the device further will probably have to find a power outlet before the day is out or use one of the fantastic MagSafe power banks on the market. In short, for all those users who were looking for a good offer to exchange their iPhone for one of the most recent, this is undoubtedly the opportunity they have been waiting for.

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