The iPhone 13 mini, the best small phone, now reduced

One of the most niche devices that it has brought to the market and that, in addition, is still present within the Apple Store is the iPhone 13 mini. Well, despite the fact that in Apple it continues to have the same price as when it went on the market, something caused by the launch of the new iPhone 14, in MediaMarkt you can find it with a great discount, which we will talk about and leave you in this post.

discount available

When buying an iPhone, unless you want to buy one of the latest models, users are always trying to find a deal or a big discount that allows them to save some money with the purchase of the device. Well, the iPhone 13 mini without being, of course, the most expensive device you can find in the Apple Store, it also has a high price, and that is if you want to buy it through the Cupertino company you will have to pay 809 euros for itsince as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, it has not dropped in price despite the launch of the iPhone 14.

However, and fortunately for users, there are stores or establishments that have lowered the price of this device, as well as the iPhone 13, although hey, we’ll talk about it in another post. As we said, in this case it has been MediaMarkt who has lowered the price of the iPhone 13 mini, offering it today for 745 eurosthat is, a discount of 64 euroswhich, of course, comes in handy for all those who want to get hold of this device.

Is the iPhone 13 mini worth it?

This is undoubtedly the most repeated question among all potential buyers of the iPhone 13 mini, and it is really a very niche device and for a very specific audience. The reality is that if you are going to buy this device you have to be very clear about what you wantsince in the end it has a really small size that brings very positive things, but also other negatives.

back side iphone 13 mini

As for the positive things, it is that it is an iPhone really comfortable to useincredibly manageable with one hand and that, in addition, the reduction in size does not imply the loss of top features such as the screen qualityor the possibilities in terms of photography and video that their cameras. Now, the size does affect another fundamental aspect of a smartphone, which is Battery. The iPhone 13 mini does not stand out at all for its battery, and it is something that you have to be very clear and very present when purchasing it. If you are a user who makes intensive use of it, you will have to go through the charger during the day in complete safety, or get a portable MagSafe battery that, of course, will be much more comfortable for you.

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