The iPhone 13, now with a great discount at MediaMarkt

One of the most desired Apple products is, without a doubt, the iPhone, however its price means that many people do not want to invest so much money in a device that in the end they will not get all the potential it has. Well, that is why you do not always have to go to the top-of-the-range product, but to other models that have a lower price, such as the iPhone 13, which is also now at a discount for a limited time.

How much money do you save with this offer?

One of the problems that Apple has for many users is that theynever gives discounts on their productsIn fact, the iPhone 13 to this day continues to be sold on the Apple page at the same price at which it came out more than a year and a half ago, all also encouraged by the rise that occurred in the latest models. However, Apple’s policy is very clear, it never discounts its products, it only lowers its price when a new version comes out, the iPhone 13 being the exception.

However, and fortunately for many users, Apple products are also sold in other stores and establishments, which do have discounts, as is the case of MediaMarkt with the iPhone 13. Its price in the Apple Store is 909 euros , well, in this store You can buy it now, and for a limited time for 789 eurosThat is to say, a really considerable reduction and that of course becomes a fantastic opportunity to be able to renew your iPhone or even finally make the leap to Apple phones.

Reasons to buy the iPhone 13

Before we have commented that users do not always have to go to the most top-of-the-range device, and it is that in the end the most appropriate thing is to try cGet the best value for money, as long as that equipment meets your needs. Well, one of the best examples of what we have just said is the iPhone 13, a really balanced team that, if it is at this price, is ideal.

iPhone 13 in black

His 6.1 inch screen causes it to have a really comfortable size, with a quite acceptable battery and with a double chamber which, although it is not that of the current Pro models, continues to offer versatility and, above all, a image quality when taking photos and videos within the reach of very few smartphones. Actually, the iPhone 13 has very little or nothing to envy the iPhone 14, being a much more interesting purchase given the price that this device has with respect to its renewal, which we repeat again is quite fair.

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