The iPhone 13, now with almost 100 euros discount

Usually, when going to buy a new iPhone, most users focus on the new models, however, it is not always the most recommended, since in the end it is best to find the device that, for your needs, Count on a good quality/price ratio, and that’s just what the iPhone 13 offers, which now has a bit of a discount on MediaMarkt.

The MediaMarkt offer for the iPhone 13

One of the myths that must be broken is that the best is always the newest, and it really isn’t. Obviously, the newest iPhone models have the best specifications, but when it comes to making such a large purchase and outlay of money, many users do not take into account their needs and what the device in front of them can offer them, resulting in disproportionate purchases that in the end are not amortized.

Thus, from La Manzana Mordida we always advocate responsible purchasing, trying to help users acquire the device that best suits their needs for the lowest possible price, and today’s offer is a good example of this. The iPhone 13 has a price, in the Apple Store, of 909 euros, however, MediaMarkt, which also sells Apple products and which, in addition, usually makes occasional discounts, sells the same iPhone 13 for 90 euros less, that is, for a price of 819 eurosbeing a really good opportunity to acquire this piece of device.

Is the iPhone 13 worth it right now?

This is the question that many people who are thinking of purchasing this device will surely ask themselves, especially considering that this product was launched in 2021 and that, in just over three months, the new iPhone 15 will be with us. The key points to determine whether or not it is worth it are, on the one hand its pricethat of course the current discount leaves it in a very good position, and on the other, the performanceand if you are enough for you or not.

iPhone 13 mini black

The iPhone 13 is a fantastic device, and although it obviously does not have everything that the iPhone 14 Pro Max can offer, for example, it still enjoys truly enviable qualities and, above all, ideal for a large part of the public. at power level Absolutely nothing will be missing, so you can enjoy a smooth experience when using this device. Its screen is also wonderful, also with a 6.1 inch size which makes it very comfortable when using it on a day-to-day basis. Another important aspect is the cameras, and again the iPhone 13 have little to envy its successor, the iPhone 14, offering two lenses that take excellent quality photos and videos, more than enough for the vast majority of users. Therefore, whether or not this device is worth it will depend on your needs, and no one can answer that question better than you.