The iPhone 13 thrown in price thanks to Black Friday

Black Friday is always one of the best times to be able to buy technology products at a much cheaper price than usual and a good example of this is this incredible offer on the 256 GB iPhone 13 at MediaMartk. If you want to know how much you can save, keep reading that we will tell you everything.

Unfortunately, all those who were waiting for Apple to lower the price of the iPhone 13 after the launch of the iPhone 14 In order to acquire it at a cheaper price, they came face to face with reality when the Cupertino company raised the price of the new ones and, consequently, maintained that of the iPhone 13. In addition, Apple is not joining Black Friday either in the usual way that other stores or companies do, since they do not lower the price of their equipment by one euro, but offer different gift cards with the purchase of some of their devices.

In short, if it were up to Apple, users would have a very difficult time saving money on buying a new iPhone. However, fortunately the rest of the stores that also sell the Apple smartphone do join Black Friday in the usual way, that is, offering discounts on their products, and that is exactly what has happened with the iPhone 13 256GB at MediaMarkt. Now, all users who were interested in this device will be able to purchase it at a great discount, specifically they can save 70 eurothat is, that the 256 GB iPhone 13 is about 959 euros instead of 1029 that it would cost in the Apple Store.

Is it a good idea to buy the iPhone 13 now?

As we told you before, the price increase that the iPhones have suffered with the 14 generation has caused Apple not to make the usual move and that it was up to the iPhone 13, that is, to lower its price. However, far from this being a setback for this device, just the opposite has happened, and that is that the iPhone 13 has positioned itself now more than ever as one of the most recommended purchases that you can carry out

iPhone 13 mini cameras

Taking into account the few differences it has with the iPhone 14, and the price of the latter, a large part of users prefer to buy the iPhone 13 before, since they will be able to enjoy practically the same benefits but at a lower price, and in fact they are not wrong. On an aesthetic level they are exactly the same, but it is also that, in terms of functionalities, there are very few in which the iPhone 14 is capable of surpassing it, except for the possibility of recording in action mode. If we talk about autonomy, both offer exactly the same thing, and exactly the same thing happens with the screen. In short, a user should really rarely choose the iPhone 14 over the 13, since they are practically the same, and if you add the price of the iPhone 13 with these discounts to that, the purchase becomes even more recommendable.