The iPhone 13 with more than 100 euros discount

One of the most popular products this season from Apple has been the iPhone 13, yes, the iPhone 13, but in large part because of the iPhone 14, although well, that is the subject of debate in another post, since what we want Telling you today is the great offer that you can take advantage of to buy the iPhone 13 much cheaper than in the Apple store itself.

Discount available on the iPhone 13

The situation that the iPhone 13 has experienced and is experiencing is really curious, and it is that almost more has been said about it after the launch of the iPhone 14 than before, all this due to the increase in the price that the latter suffered, causing many users to consequently bet on the iPhone 13. However, there is Keep in mind that in theory, the iPhone 13 had to drop in price, as also happens every year with normal models, that when the next generation goes on sale, its price decreases. However, this did not happen like that, and Apple has maintained its starting price, and will obviously maintain it until the launch of the next model, the iPhone 15.

Now, the fact that Apple has not lowered the price of the iPhone 13 does not mean that other stores have not done so, and fortunately for users, in establishments such as Amazon or MediaMarkt, you can find interesting offers at times of the year, as is the case that concerns us. Below we leave you the discounts available on the iPhone 13.

  • iPhone 13 128GB
    • Red color: 110 euros discount.
    • Blue color: 90 euros discount.
    • White star color: 90 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 90 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 50 euros discount.
    • Green color: 60 euros discount.
  • iPhone 13 256GB
    • Red color: 60 euros discount.
    • Blue color: 60 euros discount.
    • White star color: 50 euros discount.
    • Midnight color: 100 euros discount.
    • Pink color: 60 euros discount.
    • Green color: 60 euros discount.

Is it still a good idea to buy the iPhone 13?

This is the question that many users who want to buy an iPhone at this time will ask themselves, either to renew theirs because they want to have this experience for the first time. Well, keep in mind that the iPhone 13 is not the top of the market, that’s obvious, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best option for many users who don’t really need the top of the market.

iPhone 13 + accessories

It has a very good screen, with an ideal size to be able to use it without problems and with total comfort. At the level of cameras It offers great versatility and, above all, great results, as is usual with iPhones, and it has little to envy the iPhone 14. As for battery, perfectly meets for people who do not make a very demanding use of the device. However, it has MagSafe technology so you can always use an external battery with these features which, of course, is very easy and comfortable to carry and use with the iPhone.