The iPhone 14 at a dizzying price, the best option on the market?

One of the devices of the year in Apple is, without a doubt, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, since it is one of the best equipment that any user can buy. Now, its price certainly cannot leave anyone indifferent, therefore, in this post we bring you an offer with which you can save more than 100 euros on the purchase of your new iPhone 14.

discounts available

The iPhone 14 is one of the iPhones that has generated the most controversy among its users, especially since it has many similarities with the previous model, and very few similarities with the current generation. To all this, we have to add the price, a price that is above 1,000 euros and that is inaccessible to many users. However, in MediaMarkwe have found this amazing offer that turns it from an expensive phone to a very interesting phone and with a great value for money.

we already know that Apple does not usually make discounts on its productsalthough, luckily, there are other stores that offer this type of discount, specific offers that make many users consider purchasing this product that they want so much and save a good amount of money. Specifically, this time we are referring to the iPhone 14, the next-generation entry phone and which has a discount of more than 150 euros, in its entry version. Specifically, in the official Apple store it is worth 1009 euros and in Half Mark for 899 euros.

The advantages offered by the iPhone 14

This device shines for many reasons, but it certainly has several key points to which is added the amazing price what’s wrong with it. Among the advantages of her, the first of her, her battery. Apple refers to it as the iPhone with the longest battery ever, a battery that can last more than 20 hours. Also, like all iPhones, another of its strengths is Your camera. At the photography and video level, the iPhone 14 has a dual camera that offers exceptional quality in photos and one of the best options for recording video on the market. Also, this device is one of the more balanced options of this generation, since it has a screen size similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro Max chip and a battery that, as Apple says, lasts from sunrise to sunset.


One of the highlights is its sizesince in the end it is a device that has a perfect size for any type of user, with a screen of 6.1 incheswhich implies that Battery of this iPhone is one of the best on the market, an aspect that, of course, must be taken into account when purchasing it. Finally, highlight one of its most advanced technologies, such as the Cinema mode and above all, the operating system of iOS 16, designed exclusively for iPhones.

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