The iPhone 14 Plus with more than 100 euros discount

One of the great novelties of the year at Apple has been the inclusion of the iPhone 14 Plus, a model that until now was unprecedented and that Apple released last September. Well, for all those who were thinking of buying this device, we bring you very good news, since in this post we are going to tell you about an offer with which you can save more than 100 euros on the purchase of this iPhone.

MediaMarkt offer on the iPhone 14 Plus

One of the drawbacks, or advantages, depending on the point of view from which you look at it, of Apple is that never lowers the prices of your devices until the generation that replaces it arrives. In fact, in the Pro and Pro Max models, what it does is directly remove them from the catalog of products that users can buy. Besides, this iPhone has had the problem that it has been launched on the market coinciding with the increase in price that has occurred due to the adjustment that Apple has made as a result of the economic situation in our country.

Now, with the discount offered by MediaMarkt, the price of this device is really good for all those who are interested or who are now due to the existing discount. To put a bit in context, all users who want to buy the iPhone 14 Plus at Apple have to pay 1,159 euros for the entry model. However, in MediaMarkt you can find it for 1019 euros, that is, 140 euros discountA fantastic opportunity, of course.

Is this iPhone worth it?

This is surely the question that many users ask themselves, and it is that the normal iPhone 14 models have been harshly criticized due to the few new features they have compared to the iPhone 13. However, this team does make much more sense than the iPhone 14especially at this price.

iPhone 14 and 14 plus from the front

The increase in size of this device gives it two fundamental advantages and that, today, are really important for users. The first one is to have a 6.7 inch screen, that is, a very large screen to be able to consume content in the most comfortable way possible, as well as to be able to perform other tasks with the comfort that a screen of these dimensions provides. On the other hand is Battery, and it is that the larger the equipment, the more battery it can have and the more autonomy it can offer to all users, this being one of the strengths of the iPhone 14 Plus. Therefore, if you were thinking of buying it, do not hesitate with this offer, since it will be really difficult to find a better opportunity to get hold of this device.

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