The iPhone 14 Pro costs 1,319 euros, for this?

We are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a device that has generated great enthusiasm throughout the Apple community. Specifically, we are referring to the iPhone 14 Pro, which is a device that represents the definitive consecration that the iPhone is a piece of equipment, but a work tool for many professionals.

Advantages of the iPhone 14 Pro

The most powerful iPhone with the best cameras in its history has presented important innovations and even a new concept of how we have to relate to the device thanks to the Dynamic Island. Next, we are going to expose some of its main advantages and why you should buy this device.

  • Dynamic Island: Apple has managed to give a new hit on the table with the new Dynamic Island, which involves the complete integration of software and hardware. This dynamic island is the evolution of the Notch, which represents a reintegration of Face ID and the front camera. In addition, the multitude of possibilities offered by this new tool will be possible when developers begin to adapt applications to this new way of relating to the device. However, there are already many alternative benefits that this island offers.
  • The screen: the screen resolution has already reached a high level of resolution that it is hard to think can be surpassed in the short term. Along with this, we have to highlight the Always on option, it always allows the main widgets, notifications and the time and the Pro Motion camera when the sun hits the equipment panel.
  • Camera and processor: It may not have been the most noticeable leap compared to previous generations, because for several generations, Apple’s camera has been one of the best on the market. The camera has professional sensors such as Cinema Mode and Pro Raw mode, where you will be able to record videos and photos professionally in all scenarios. Added to the A16 chip, Apple’s most powerful chip, few users will have problems when it comes to obtaining very high performance from their camera.

Disadvantages or aspects to improve?

The disadvantages of this device could not be considered as such, but rather some aspects that Apple must address to make your device practically perfect.

  • Storage: The 128 GB standard that the iPhone 14 Pro has is insufficient if you are a user who regularly uses the camera in Pro Raw format and the 4K video format. If you are that type of user, you will be forced to increase the storage memory up to 256 GB of SSD memory, which is already a fairly exorbitant price.
  • Lighting connector: The main problem and disadvantage of this generation is the Lighting connector. It is true that for an average user, this type of connector may be enough, but when you need to send files quickly and with a lot of weight, AirDrop is inefficient.
  • A novelty can be a disadvantage: Many of the new features in iOS 16 make the battery of the device recent. The Pro Motion and Always on functions together with the Photonic Engine function together with the mentioned modes, means that the battery with average use can be reduced by 15-20%, so, a day with intense use, it could ask for a small charge at the end of the day.

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