The iPhone 14 Pro Max has more than 100 euros discount

Over time, Apple has considerably increased the number of iPhone models it sells, and we can safely say that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most top-of-the-range yet. However, it is also the most expensive model in Apple’s history, so having more than 100 euros off your purchase is a very good opportunity. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

More than 100 euros discount on the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Without a doubt, if there is a device that has been considerably affected by the price increase that has occurred in Spain, that has been the iPhone 14 Pro Max. If we compare what the previous model, the 13 Pro Max, cost with what it costs today, the increase has been more than 200 euros. However, and this is something really curious but that speaks highly of everything that this equipment offers, it has not really affected the number of equipment sold.

All users who today want to buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max through Apple will have to pay, for the entry model, 1,469 euros, a price that of course already far exceeds the barrier of 1,000 euros. Now, fortunately for users, although Apple does not discount its products, other establishments do, and in this case It is MediaMartk who sells the iPhone 14 Pro Max for 1359 euros, that is, 110 euros discount.

The highlights of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

As we said before, this model It is Apple’s top-of-the-range iPhone, or at least it will be until the Cupertino company presents the new models in a few months. Now, this will not mean that it loses the incredible properties and specifications that it has, which are many and very good. The first thing we want to tell you about him is Batterywhich is the best you can find on an iPhone, all obviously caused by the size of the device, 6.7 inch screen which, honestly, are not for everyone, since in the end it is a very big team.

iPhone 14 Pro MaxAt the camera level, the possibilities offered to the user are a real joy, both at the photographic and video level, and it is that Apple every year is able to give users a better tool to be able to shoot and record without worries. Besides, his design It makes it really attractive and the material from which it is made on the back prevents day-to-day scratches from being noticed, something that does not happen in normal models.

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