The month of September is key for the iPhone. In this month, Apple is in charge of announcing the new terminals for, a month later, marketing them together with the new version of iOS once the beta period is over. However, many months before rumors begin to emerge about the next products, it is a classic. Today already There are dozens of rumors about the news that the iPhone 15 will bring, the next great iPhone that will be released in September 2023. Do you want to know all the rumors published to date? We tell you.

Continuity focused on the iPhone 14 Pro for the new iPhone 15

Those in charge of giving voice to the rumors are the ten technological experts in social networks and the media who have sources throughout the entire production chain of the new devices. These same ones are the ones that begin to generate a story around the iPhone 15 and those that finally take the credit for being right (or not) with their rumors and proposals once the device has been announced.

The iPhone 15 will be a great smartphone that will include great news and technological advances, of that we have no doubt. In addition, all these rumors have been published in recent months:

  • The arrival of USB-C: the Lightning connector’s days are numbered on the iPhone. Many of the Macs and iPads already carry USB-C and it seems that the European regulations are singing the end of a stage that could culminate with the arrival of USB-C on the iPhone 15.
  • Dynamic Island for all models: Although the Dynamic Island interface has only reached the iPhone 14 Pro, it seems that the iPhone 15 will receive this new interface in the form of a tablet on all models. With this, goodbye is definitively said to the notch that began with the iPhone X.
  • Haptic Volume Control Buttons: Analysts, including Ming-Chi Kuo, assure that the iPhone 15 will remove the physical volume control buttons to make way for haptic buttons like the ones we could see on the iPhone 7.
  • Same sizes: nothing will change in the different models and their sizes. Therefore, we will have an iPhone 15, an iPhone 15 Plus, a Pro model and a Pro Max model.
  • New technology in camera lenses: Periscopic lens technology could reach the iPhone 15 cameras. Thanks to this technology that has been talked about for a long time, we could have x5 or x10 optical zoom that far exceeds the current x3.
  • Hardware improvements: Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will carry the first 3 nanometer chip that will improve processing capacity between 10 and 15%. This would be the A17 chip, leaving the A16 chip for the iPhone 15 in its standard and Plus models. There has also been speculation about RAM expansion on the Pro models up to 8GB from the current 6GB to support the included tech.
  • Name changes: The iPhone has never had any big name changes, but the arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra has paved the way for Apple to call its Pro Max version Ultra.