The iPhone 15 costs less than an iPhone 14 at PhoneHouse

The iPhone 15 is an ideal option if we want to make the leap to the new generation of Apple phones, but we don't want to pay the price they ask us for a Pro model. But if we talk about what it costs, now through PhoneHouse They have reduced it so much that they have left it cheaper than what an iPhone 14 costs. Do you want to know all the details of this offer? We will give them to you in this same article!

If you are interested in a phone that has power, a renewed screen design, standard connections and a powerful and versatile operating system, the iPhone 15 is the ideal candidate. In the new generation we have the renewed screen design with Dynamic Island, USB type C connection, double 48 Megapixel camera system and the Apple A16 Bionic processor.

We have the best gateway to the Apple and iOS ecosystem, as well as, we are going to have an incredible user experience with the entire operating system interface. If we are looking for an option that will last us a long time, and with which we will be able to get a good benefit by paying less, this offer makes the iPhone 15 much more worth buying.

The most interesting thing about the iPhone 15 that we bring you today is its reduced price. On the occasion of the Valentine's Day sales, many phone models are now available for truly knock-down prices. And the latest generation of Apple is not immune to these discounts. In fact, An iPhone 14 in the Apple Store costs you more money than this iPhone 15 in PhoneHouse. Of course, keep in mind that the special offers will end on February 14. So if you want to take advantage, now is the best time!

PhoneHouse drops the price of the iPhone 15 on its website

The iPhone 15 model that will cost you the least is the one with a 6.1-inch screen size and 128GB of internal storage space. Normally, this costs 959 euros. Either through the official Apple Store, or in any other store outside of offers and promotions.

However, until next February 14, On the official PhoneHouse website it is reduced by 110 euros. And how much are we going to be able to take it for? 849 euros! And in all its colors, too. If we take into account that an iPhone 14 with 128GB of internal memory space costs 859 euros in the Apple Store, we now have the opportunity to get the latest model for less than what the previous generation costs in the official store. Do you want to take advantage of this discount? Below we are going to leave you all the purchase links, which will take you directly to each model:

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