Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, it is normal for it to be released with new colors. That is what can make the difference, especially when design and performance are not its strong point or what has changed the most. In fact, rumors indicate that the next generation of the iPhone, the model 15, It would come with up to two new colors. I am afraid then that we will not have the opportunity to see a new improved model with many new features.

When the American company wants to launch new iPhones, they are usually accompanied by new colors. It is true that the new colors can be launched in the middle of the season, when new models are not expected to be launched. It is usually for special editions especially the color red or when a special edition is launched in honor of some special event or event. Right now, rumors indicate that the next generation it might come in deep red color which is close to a burgundy shade. For those who use image editing programs or are a designer, keep in mind that the color is #410D0D.

Until now we were talking about the top-of-the-range model. The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Max. But, the standard iPhone 15 models could be available in new colors dark pink and bright light blue. The shade of pink, hexadecimal color code #CE3C6C is a deeper pink described as “telemagenta.” The blue hexadecimal color code #4DB1E2 is described as “picton blue”.

iPhone 15 Pro

Apple’s dark red color would presumably be offered for finishing titanium which are rumored to be the top-of-the-range models. Apple has so far released titanium Apple Watch models in a standard silver titanium color and a darker titanium color, but red anodizing would be entirely new.