We already know how much Apple loves to certify accessories so that they work better in their devices. Not only is there the MFi (Made for iPhone) program, but there is also the MFM (Made for MagSafe) program. In this program, Apple itself provides third parties with the crown, the magnetic circle that connects the cable and the iPhone. Until now, only MFM chargers gave a 15W charge wirelessly on the iPhone and it looks like it’s about to change.

According to a recent rumor coming from China, all iPhone 15 models will support 15W wireless charging with third-party chargers that are not certified for Magsafe. Until now, these accessories only facilitated a maximum charge using the certified Qi-Standard of 7.5W. The news comes from Weibo and has been picked up on the Korean Naver Blog by the account “Yeux1122”, but it has not yet been verified by any other source that is considered more reliable. However, this might make a lot of sense as we remember that the MagSafe will be the new Qi standard version of wireless charging.

And is that, announced this January by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the next generation Qi2 wireless standard incorporates a Magnetic Power Profile, which means that devices that adopt Qi2 in the future will use the Same magnetic technology used in MagSafe devices made for iPhone 12 and later. The WPC claims that Qi2’s Magnetic Power Profile will ensure that mobile phones and other battery-powered products are perfectly aligned with chargers to improve power efficiency and speed up charging. However, Qi2 smartphones and chargers are not expected to be available until the 2023 holiday season.

It would certainly be very good news since non-MFM certified chargers are slightly cheaper and we can enjoy a slightly faster load on our devices. Nevertheless, I will personally continue to recommend always buying chargers from reliable and recognized brands to better preserve the integrity of our batteries.