The iPhone 15 is going to need changes

There are still many months left for Apple to officially present and launch its new flagship device, that is, the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, except for what can obviously happen with the iPhone 15 Ultra. However, rumors are the order of the day and in this post we are going to tell you about the last one that, far from disappointing you, you will like a lot.

One of Apple’s hallmarks has always been the fact of hiding from the public, or rather, from not giving the information that some users requiredto be able to buy your device with others from the competition. And it is that, those of Cupertino they never officially report the amount of RAM that iPhones haveyou always end up knowing thanks to third parties who manage to discover it, something that is not very complicated either.

In this sense, it must be said that Apple, and specifically the iPhone, always they have needed less RAM memory than the smartphones of the competitionsince in the end those of Cupertino have the advantage that the software is fully optimized for their hardware, that is, iOS is made by and for the iPhone, while the different versions of Android have to adapt to many terminals of different brands. Even so, there have always been users who have insisted on comparing these metrics when it really does not make sense and what matters in the end is the fluidity and proper functioning of the operating system within the computer.

Apple is going to expand and improve the RAM of the iPhone

Despite the fact that we have just told you that the iPhones have always needed less RAM than the competition, with the new generation those from Cupertino have decided, or who knows, if needed and forced by the features of these models, to expand the RAM of the themselves. So at least a new report from the Taiwanese research company has told it TrendForcewhere it indicates different really interesting data.

On the one hand, as is customary in the rumors about the news of the iPhone 15, Apple returns, or is going to make a distinction between the normal models and the Pro models. In the case of the Pro, which currently They have 6 GB of RAM. will increase to 8 GB. However, this will not happen with the normal models, which will not increase in quantity but in quality, since it seems that they could keep the 6 GB of RAM but upgrade to LPDDR5which is much faster, in fact, is the type of RAM that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max currently have.

This of course can leave clues that the iPhone will need more power to carry out some actions that Apple may be preparing and that, obviously, will consume more resources. In addition to this, those from Cupertino ensure in this way that their teams continue to offer that fantastic user experience, where the fluidity and speed of the operating system plays a fundamental role.