The iPhone 15 is not what you will like the most

Apple is clear that the development of its operating systems can never be stopped, regardless of the circumstances that may involve a possible problem. Therefore, despite the recent release of iOS 16.4, we already have news about iOS 17. In this post, we are going to talk about the new version of iOS to be released in June 2023.

Everything that comes with iOS 17

A new update is always synonymous with happiness for all users of the bitten apple, since we can enjoy the news that the entire software team has been developing over the past year.

Release date and compatible devices

The release date will almost certainly take place in June 2023, at the developer conference, where we can learn about the supported devices and the devices that will be left out. To specify a little more, it is possible that the presentation will take place on la fifth of june, the day on which Apple has normally presented its news. From that moment, we can enjoy the first beta if you are a developer, or you can wait for the first public beta or its official launch.

iphone screen

Among the devices that Apple will no longer support, it is possible that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 stop receiving updates. However, Apple has made some exceptions, like the iPhone 6S that received up to 7 years of updates, although the general average is 6 years. Within the generations that receive iOS 17, it is possible that it will follow the same dynamic as the previous generation and not all devices receive all news. Specifically, we are referring to the iPhone XS, XR and iPhone 11. It is important to note that the older the unit is and the more updates it receives, the more it will cost the processor to process iOS news.


We already have information about the devices that will receive the update to iOS 17 and its release date, so we just need to know their main news. Software updates, unlike hardware, are much more difficult to obtain because they are developed in Cupertino and there are no middlemen to lead to leaks. One of the rumors that has gained the most weight is a Complete redesign of the messaging app. We also have other rumors from less reliable sources and that have been rumored since before the release of iOS 16, which are the interactive widgetsas well as a redesign of the control center.

app store

Finally, we have to highlight the possibility of a interface redesign. During the development of iOS 16, the project was canceled and moved to the next generation. This rumor makes sense because the European Union wants ban monopoly of the telephone companies in the download and purchase of applications, for which reason Apple is going to be forced to change the complete redesign of the App Store -with the consequences that this entails- with the implementation of a system that allows alternative charges to the App Store.

It is important to note that all of the above They are rumors And it is not until the presentation of June 2023 when we officially know the operating system for the iPhone 15 and previous devices.