The iPhone 15 Pro and its novelty that you will love

Practically every day new information is known about what the new iPhone 15 could have, in theory, and that is that in the end it is one of the most anticipated products of the entire year. Recently the news has been known that the Pro models will have a feature that we could say that they have copied from the Apple Watch Ultra. Do you want to know what it is about? Keep reading and we will tell you.

One of the points where it seems that Apple is focusing on these new iPhone 15 is in its buttons. Initially the plans that the Cupertino company had were remove any buttons from the device and replace them with solid state buttonswhich means that it would not really be buttons, but haptic zones that would respond to the pressure that users could make on them, providing the sensation of a traditional button, but without being one.

This was Apple’s roadmap with the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, however, as reported this week, this implementation is having serious technical problemsSo much so that it would have led Apple to abandon this idea and return to the traditional physical buttons, that is, the same as on the current iPhone, leaving this novelty for the next generation of iPhone.

Apple Watch Ultra’s customizable button comes to iPhone

The Cupertino company seems to always have a plan B to which to turn in case the first option goes wrong, and that is just what seems to have happened with the change of the buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. As we said, after filtering this problem with the solid-state buttons, it has not been long until the news has come out that Apple does not have in mind to return to what the current iPhones have as such, but rather wants to give it a spin. nut.

Initially it was thought that the volume buttons were going to be unified in one, something that finally seems that it will not be the case, however, what is going to change is going to be one of the most iconic elements in the history of the iPhone, the mute switch. The plans of the Cupertino company go through adopt one of the most and best valued implementations of the Apple Watch Ultrahe customizable action button. According to the latest rumors, Apple wants to replace the mute switch with a fully customizable button, which would allow users to customize the action that takes place when the button is pressed at will.

Apple Watch Ultra

The truth is that all this information must be taken with tweezers, since despite the fact that Apple is having problems with the solid-state buttons, a last attempt by the company to carry out what was the first option until now cannot be ruled out. moment. Therefore, it will be necessary to be very attentive to the next news that the best Apple analysts filter to see if the definitive change really occurs or if, on the contrary, a small evolution is chosen prior to what will come in the next generations.