The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could incorporate solid-state volume and lock buttons

There is no doubt that there are months left to see the new iPhone 15 on the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater. However, and as we always say, all the buzz around Apple is momentous throughout the months before a launch. The companies, manufacturers and leakers are in charge of storing the “secrets” well, but there is always some leak that causes the rumors to have a basis on which to sustain themselves. On this occasion, the well-known Ming-Chi Kuo assures that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will integrate non-mechanical solid-state buttons on the volume and lock buttons in the purest iPhone 7 style.

More security and resistance with solid-state buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro

If we remember and imagine what the iPhone 7 was like, we will realize two aspects. First of all, it was still a device with Home button. In second place, its Home button was solid state, that is to say, it was not a mechanical button like the ones we have now in the volume up and down buttons. It was a sensor that detected pressure and interacted with the user through a vibration system. This button system it is also found today in the trackpads of MacBooks.

Kuo through a series of tweets has announced that the higher-end iPhone, that is, the entire range of the iPhone 15 Pro they would integrate solid-state buttons. These buttons would work in the same way as the iPhone 7 Home button, it would not be a mechanical mechanism that would drive the action of pressing but rather additional motors would provide haptic feedback when pressing the buttons, without actually moving.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Once again, Apple wants to introduce this improvement gradually because it would mean the hermetic closure of the iPhone completely eliminating, with the exception of the charging connector and the speakers, the connection to the interior. These solid-state buttons would allow the iPhone 15 Pro increase water resistance for the reasons discussed above.