The iPhone 15 Pro hid this and they have discovered it now

As the days go by with the new generation of iPhone on the table, we are learning more details and hidden things, both at the software and hardware level. And the physical section is what we come to talk to you about in this post, since a significant change has been known inside the iPhone 15 Pro, and with which users have benefited. Do you want to know more about it? We tell you!

Wireless connectivities have improved in this generation of the iPhone 15, in some aspects. And this is due to new pieces of hardware they have installed inside. And although it is a different component than those we had in previous remittances, it has meant a qualitative change for the better.

We have better 5G thanks to this new piece

As reported in the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac, this change to the iPhone 15 Pro is in its 5G network modem, which on this occasion is signed by the giant Qualcomm, and whose model is the new Qualcomm X70.

And how could this have been known? Thanks to what they explain, due to a publication in They have also improved them.

A lot of people have asked whether the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are still using last years Qualcomm X65 modem or the new X70 seen in the 15 Pro’s.

Here’s your answer.

Apple didn’t just throw last years Pro logic boards into these years baseline models. They upgraded them too.

— Shahram Mokhtari (@MokhtariShahram) October 8, 2023

So this change that the iPhone 15 Pro hid until now is not only relegated to this single model. The iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max also benefit from this new network system.

They add, from 9to5Mac, that this new component is an improvement over the one installed last year, which in the case of the entire iPhone 14 and 14 Pro line was the Qualcomm X65 modem. Now, how fast is this modem compared to the previous one? From the middle they throw figures.

This is how the speed of 5G improves on all iPhone 15s

They explain that they have carried out tests through SpeedSmart, which reveal a 24% higher speed on the iPhone 15, compared to the iPhone 14. They add that “the X70 modems of the iPhone 15 should provide lower consumption, improve the implementation of the 5G from the network operator and improve the performance of the iPhone when it is located further from the cell tower.

Therefore, we not only have more speed in terms of the network connection. But we are going to have more stability and more immediacy when it comes to taking coverage from one place or another, depending on where we are, and where the telephone tower is located.

As a final piece of information, “the Qualcomm X7o modem is present in many high-end Android phones. Apple is in the process of developing its own proprietary 5G modems, but these are not expected to arrive for a few years.

And until when are iPhones expected to use Qualcomm modems? They explain that “last month, Qualcomm announced that Apple will continue using the company’s 5G modems in iPhones, at least until 2026.”