The iPhone 15 Pro is prettier than the competition, but a worse device and I’ll show you here

“Made in house” resistance studies

The Youtuber PhoneBuffknown for testing in a controlled manner, uses machine-configured machines exactly the same and at the same distances on which phones fall. Both models went through four rounds of falls, including a corner fall, face fall and a bonus round of landing on steel.

Even though the distance between the smartphone and the target where they had to collide was relatively close, the Korean device suffered less than the iPhone 15 Pro Max in three of the four rounds. Specifically, the S23 Ultra obtained a total score of 39 out of 40, while the new generation of Apple fell two points below. 37 of 40.

He cupertino device observed from the first tests showed breaks of the rear and front glass in the first falls, an aspect that the S23 Ultra endured a little longer. Now, it is true that the titanium had a certain more aluminum character than the S23 Ultra.

The best of all is that both phones, despite the tests carried out They were fully operational, it will include the cameras, which is good to see. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max had greater visual damage than the S23 Ultra.

Other iPhone 15 problems

Along with the resistance problems that the new generation of Apple has presented, we have to add other additional problems that have caused dissatisfaction on the part of a large number of users. Let’s see them below:

iPhone 15 overheating

Social networks have also echoed the concern that some users have reported about the overheating (to a point close to burning) and battery life under normal conditions, with a considerable reduction in hours of use.

Regarding its battery, in my first impressions with the iPhone 15 I already reported that the battery was not as durable as I expected, although I attributed this to the hardware and software calibration itself. Apple has recognized this heating problem with the iPhone 15 and will solve it with an update. However, Kuo’s words that we are going to quote below suggest that the update that Apple is talking about is more complex than it apparently is.

The renowned analyst Ming Chi Kuo has given very worrying data about this processor found in the A17 Pro chip: “The iPhone 15 Pro series overheating issues are not related to TSMC’s advanced 3nm node. The root cause is most likely to be compromises made in the design of the thermal system to achieve lighter weight, such as reducing the heat dissipation area and using a titanium frame, which negatively impacts efficiency. thermal. Apple is expected to address this through software updates, but improvements may be limited unless Apple reduces processor performance. “If Apple does not adequately address this issue, it could negatively impact shipments throughout the product lifecycle of the iPhone 15 Pro series.”