The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a periscope camera

Samsung has been in charge of popularizing the zoom of smartphone cameras with its latest models. Given this fact, Apple did not want to sit idly by and will now integrate an impressive periscope camera in its next high-end, the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

And it is that in recent days the news has spread that the Cupertino company will add periscopic lenses in the next iPhone 15. In this sense, DigiTimes has recently published that there will be two suppliers in charge of producing said lenses. Do you want to know what progress this brings? She continues reading.

Up to 6x optical zoom

According to the leaks, Apple’s idea is to place the periscopic lenses one after the other and aligned with the rest of the camera components. Part of these lenses will be placed perpendicular and in the shape of “L”just as it is done on the periscopes of a submarine.

This would make them gain more space to improve these lenses without sacrificing too much the thickness of the device, and improving the optical zoom of 5 to 6 increases. A considerable increase if we take into account the 3 that the iPhone 14 Pro currently has.

As first information, it was said that Largan Precision would be the exclusive provider of these periscopic lenses. However, GSEO has now been added as another provider, because it has experience since 2021 in this type of technology. In addition, Apple has learned not to depend on a single supplier after the problems that occurred in China.

The iPhone 15 range is expected to be unveiled in September, as Apple has accustomed us for a long time. It will be until that moment that we will have confirmation of whether the periscopic camera will end up being a reality or not. Besides, the iPhone 16 is expected to carry this technology in 2024, extending it to more models and not just the Pro Max.