The iPhone 15 Pro Max will shine brighter than ever

The launch of the iPhone 15 is still a long way off, which will take place as usual in the last quarter of the year. However, the trickle of leaks and rumors, far from ceasing, worsens with the passing of the days, and it seems that this year Apple is finally going to leave users speechless.

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max will not equip a larger screen, but a much brighter one. This will improve the HDR features of the device and help us consume and create better content in adverse lighting conditions.

This rumor of ShrimpApplePro, the same one that in his day hit the RAM memory capacity of the iPhone 15, now points out not only that we will have a slight redesign in the “Pro” models of the iPhone for this year 2023, but also that some of the technical improvements will reach the screen, not in the form of an increase or change in size, but in how and how bright the screen is.

Samsung’s new generation of OLED screens could reach up to 2,500 nits of maximum brightness, and as you well know, Apple always opts for the latest generation available to integrate them into its models. So much so that the company that earns the most money from the sale of the iPhone is undoubtedly Samsung, since the most expensive element of the iPhone is precisely the screen (get the irony).

This potential novelty will only come to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apparently the 15 Pro model will remain with the current brightness, which is around 2,000 nits of maximum brightness if necessary.

At the moment, all are rumors, but taking into account Apple’s background with respect to the screens of its “Pro” models, and the range of success of certain analysts, we can assume that we will have a maximum brightness peak at the height of the price.