The iPhone 15 Pro uncovered 7 months before its launch

The level of leaks and rumors that there is always with the next iPhone is very high, but on a few occasions it has happened that 7 months after Apple launches its new terminal, the shape of what the said device will be leaked. Well, that is what has happened with the iPhone 15, and in this post we are going to tell you all about it.

The iPhone 15 Pro come strong

Thanks to all the rumors that have been commented on and why not say it, also filtering, a render has been made that in the end what it does is exemplify what these devices will look like when Apple shows them to the whole world in September, and the reality is that, at least, they will be something new and different from what the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro currently are.

The first thing that stands out is obviously the design of the deviceand is that as we have commented on multiple occasions, the sides of these iPhones are going to change slightly, since they will have a small curve in the frames as well as some much thinner bezelsas is the case with the current Apple Watch models, something that, of course, at first glance gives it a different aesthetic from the current one and, of course, really attractive.

Another aspect that can be seen in these renders is the presence of USB-C port, something that will foreseeably happen with these devices and that, without a doubt, will make the vast majority of users who have been asking for this change very happy for years and years. What does not change, at least in the renders, are the buttonsand it is that one of the big rumors that has sounded for these devices is the possibility that Apple eliminates the physical buttons and replaces them with haptic zones, something that at the moment cannot be appreciated here.

Now, what can be appreciated, and also clearly and evidently, is the growth that, again, the lenses of the Pro and Pro Max models have. At practical levels, the inclusion of a periscope lens seems to cause the rest of the lenses to also grow in size, since the evolution is quite evident compared to the current ones. This is something that has been happening with each generation change since the Pro models of the iPhone 11, and it is that the size of the lenses does not stop growing, something that is obviously encouraged by the inclusion of better features both at the photographic level as at the video level.

iPhone 15 lenses

However, it must be emphasized that this render, as we have previously mentioned, it is an example that Ian Zelbo has made based on the most famous rumors about the next iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, so it is really nothing official. Even so, it is very curious and it is really good, to be able to “physically” check what these next teams will be like, which are still so far away, but about which, in theory, we already know so much.