The iPhone 15 Pro will break with everything

The iPhone 15 has been raising a lot of news in recent weeks, and there are still many months left for Apple to present and launch it on the market. Well, in this post we come to tell you about the great change that these devices are going to bring about, since they will break with something that was already a tradition in the iPhone.

One of the changes that has been talked about the most, naturally, is the new design that it seems that these devices will have, and that is that Apple has been gradually modifying its product lines since they released the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. Apparently, those from Cupertino want to make a transition to a design similar to these in all their products, and that is exactly what will happen with the iPhone 15.

Apple has already modified the design of its flagship device with the generation of iPhone 12. Since then, the square frames have taken over the rest of the generations, until 15, which will maintain the square frames, but will add a small rounded line to them for the inclusion of the screen in the iPhone itself. However, this design change will not be the only novelty in these teams.

The new design will not be the only change of the iPhone 15

Apple wants mark a before and after in the line of the iPhone with this generation, and that is why a fairly powerful design change is not enough, but they want to add a change in their construction materials. Aluminum has always been the predominant material in the iPhoneIn fact, you have to look far back to find the glass of the iPhone 4, since aluminum has been the protagonist since the iPhone 5.

side iPhone Pro Max

Well, as we said, Apple wants make the leap to titaniumthe same material from which the Apple Watch Ultra is made, and which seems to now also be the protagonist of the iPhone 15, or at least, of the Pro and Pro Max models, or Ultra, as it seems that the top-of-the-range 6.7-inch iPhone will be called. This will not only modify the aesthetics of the device, but it will also mean an extra in terms of durability and shock resistance. Titanium is exactly the material, as we told you, from which the Apple Watch Ultra is made, and one of the great characteristics of this equipment is that it is a truly resistantmade for athletes who go abroad to carry out their activities, and that is exactly what the users of these future iPhones are going to get, a much more resistant equipment than the current ones.

In addition, and speaking of aesthetics, titanium gives a much more premium if possible than the current aluminum that the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro have. Now, we will have to see how the construction with this material affects the price Of this equipment, up to now all the devices that have been manufactured with titanium have not been particularly cheap.