The iPhone 15 Ultra could incorporate two front cameras and USB-C

We have only had the iPhone 14 in our hands for a couple of weeks and there are already analysts thinking about the iPhone 15 that will be presented in September 2023. However, news does not cease to be news because of the distance in time. And it is that there are some analysts offering information on the possible iPhone 15. A few days ago we knew that it is likely that all models will have the new notch, the well-known Dynamic Island, and today we know that there could be a new model called iPhone 15 Ultra with two front cameras and USB-C as the main connector.

iPhone 15 Ultra: M1 Ultra chip, USB-C and change in TrueDepth

The Ultra concept arrived a few months ago with the introduction of the M1 Ultra chip, the most complex and powerful chip in Apple’s M range to date. This 5nm chip manufactured by TSMC has 16 high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores and can only be purchased in some Macs such as the Mac Studio. Nevertheless, the Ultra concept also arrived with the presentation of the Apple Watch Ultra a few weeks ago at the iPhone 14 special event.

iPhone 14 and Dynamic Island

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The iPhone 15 will have Dynamic Island in all models

Some analysts they trust that the Ultra concept will also reach the iPhone 15 offering a more powerful and exclusive model that would improve the iPhone Pro in terms of power. Apparently this new model, which would see the light in September 2023, will modify the complex TrueDepth, and would replace the iPhone Pro Max, leaving, therefore, the following range:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15Ultra

This TrueDepth complex incorporates the necessary sensors for Face ID to work perfectly. And apparently the iPhone 15 Ultra It would include a new front camera. Its function is unknown, but it is clear that it would allow stereoscopic captures or, as in the rear, cameras with different angles depending on their lenses and different results.

But not only that. This new model It would start from 256 GB and finally end with the Lightning connector and finally incorporate a USB-C connection. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro, a smaller version of the Ultra model, would start from 128 GB, would also carry USB-C but it would only carry a camera in the TrueDepth complex.